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Entry #2

I am not offilated with

2011-07-21 13:59:46 by HSR

I just stole the name.


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2011-07-25 07:53:18



2011-07-30 01:12:40

your a dumb ass who no likes, go fuck yourself


2011-07-30 03:42:48

are you a racest or sumthing


2011-08-26 15:30:32

YOU ARE A GIANT PIECE OF SMELLY SHIT YOU KNOW THAT? EPIC BATTLE FANTASY 4 CANT EXIST NOW IT GOING TO BE NAME EPIC BATTALE FANTASY: random fucking title here: YOU PIECE OF SHIT BASTARD!!! i want you DEAD now fuck you i mean just ... just fuck you... and i dont even think anyone would want to fuck you... FAG...

HSR responds:

I understand your frustration and am working to the best of my abilities to asses the situation as calmly and accurately as humanly possible.


2011-09-12 19:01:48

SPAMMER. Epic Battle Fantasy is freaking awesome. Leo and Satan is pretty awesome. You are neither for stealing their names.


2011-10-12 14:47:37

It's so stupid how people get mad at eyelovepoozy for banning them. Stupid people like you.


2011-11-03 02:55:18

XD u r hilarios keep doing wat u do and dont 4get 2 make NG mad and iall its users !!!!!

HSR responds:

Can doo


2011-11-21 06:07:40

HSR toll yes stole all NG for title ok @ KittyKrew for Blams BASTARD


2011-11-25 12:17:55

Oh. Then you really must at least submit something related to Homestarrunner.